About Me

I’m Adam Kuns. I’ve been studying drums for 8 years and have been accepted to Indiana University, University of North Texas, and Cal State Northridge on scholarships. I am currently a Jazz studies/Drum set performance major at Cal State Northridge. I currently study with Gregg Bissonette. Before Gregg, I studied with Al Velasquez, who is currently playing drumset for the Benise tour, Nights of Fire.

I have studied various aspects about music over the years and I have developed a love for it. My main instrument is of course, drum set, in which I am fluent in many styles. I have had the opportunity to play in many various ensembles and I have even started a few of my own over the years. I was the 1st chair drum set player in high school for all four years where we received unanimous superiors in local competitions. In addition to high school band, I began seeking playing opportunities elsewhere as well. At the age of 15, my sophomore year in high school, I began playing as the principle drum set player for the Ventura College Jazz Band. The next year, my junior year, I auditioned into the Moorpark College “A” Jazz Band. As well as the “A” band, I had the opportunity to play timbales and drum set for a salsa group pilot program for the college. In my high school, I founded and started the first jazz combo group. The next year and my final year in high school, Our combo performed at local competitions where we received unanimous superiors and high marks. That year, I also continued to play as the principle drum set player for the Moorpark College “A” band. As well as college and high school big bands, I also played in a big band called “The Seniors of Note”.

Over the Summer I played regularly as well. I have played in the Camarillo Community Band since I was in eighth grade. The Camarillo Community is a “pops” type band which plays a wide variety of broadway tunes, orchestral pieces, and jazz arrangements each week in July, learning new music each week. I also play in a percussion ensemble each Summer which is under the direction of Tina Curtis. We perform many difficult pieces in that ensemble.

I am currently in my first year at Cal State Northridge where I play in various ensembles. I play drum set in the Lab Band and the Lower division number I combo group.

Drumming and rhythm are the heartbeat that drives music. The ability to not just play the music but to BE the music is what I’m after. The feeling of reading a chart perfectly the first time is my hook — I’m in control, but still a servant of the band, keeping the band on time, motivating them rhythmically. The challenge of maintaining consistent and good tempo, style, dynamics, articulations, groove, as well as rhythmic and stylistic accuracy motivates me to play. Jazz is my preferred genre — it is a musical conversation which requires a higher level of musicianship and ability to interact with the music on an intelligent level.

You’ll find video, audio files, links to news, drum products and other interesting stuff here. Enjoy, and if you like it, tell your friends.

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